Detail Understanding of Genetic Factors and Breast Cancer

Some studies suggest that having dense breasts is big matter of concern for women. In fact, it raises a risk for developing breast cancer in near future or after a few years. Of course, it is hard to predict. There are also some researches and studies conducted by clinical organisations that breast cancers can be harder to detect with dense breasts. Continue reading “Detail Understanding of Genetic Factors and Breast Cancer”

Yoga and Exercises for Breast Cancer

In this busy life, which is full of strain, fatigue, pollution, and pressure, it becomes impossible to strike the right balance between personal and professional life. In fact, due to certain reasons people develop chronic and irreversible diseases, which become life threatening overtime. When it comes to life threatening diseases, breast cancer is matchless; it is a fatal disease, which is quite dangerous for women because they are always exposed to the risk of cancer. Continue reading “Yoga and Exercises for Breast Cancer”