Ways to Control Weight after Breast Cancer Treatment

According to medical experts, many people put on weight after the treatment of breast cancer and in fact, they succumb to it despite being uncomfortable. Hence, it is advisable to lose weight for better health and well-being.

As a woman, if you have had breast cancer treatment and put on weight suddenly, then there could be several reasons. Some people eat food for emotional support, which increases their weight and make them feel uncomfortable. They often crave more and eat higher-calorie foods than required.

In fact, some hormonal drugs also cause weight gain in patients. And some women are less active or start living a sedentary lifestyle, which not only slow down their recovery process, but also enhance their weight.

According to some evidences, being obese could gradually amplify the risk of breast cancer. Hence, losing weight for good and patients should set a realistic goal. They need to set an aim to lose about few pounds a week through healthy eating as well as regular physical activity.

Some doctors suggest that patients should avoid junk food and fad diets. They should try to eat as much as fruit and vegetables as possible. In fact, patients should restrict the amount of sugary drinks and foods that are high in fat. Fast foods and processed foods tend to increase the weight. Even women should limit or quit smoking or drinking.

It’s essential to do regular physical activity to shed weight and gain vital energy. You can do moderate intensity exercise or anything according to your doctors.


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