All about Dense Breast And Breast Cancer Risk

As it is a well-known fact that breasts are made up of fatty tissue, fibrous tissue, as well as glandular tissue. However, if a woman has dense breast then it is essential to take immediate actions because they might have a risk of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, dense breast tissue makes it tougher to see cancerous cells on mammograms or other screening procedures. However, a wide number of factors can affect breast density from age, menopausal status, medications, pregnancy, and even genetics.  

Doctors also do not take chances and suggest mammograms at regular intervals because it is a great way to find breast cancer at its early stage. However, if your mammogram exhibits that that you have dense breast tissues, you may be wondering what does it means.

Here, it must be noted that having dense breasts is not abnormal. So, what is it?  Your breasts will become dense if you have a lot of fibrous or glandular tissue and not much fat. Some women have dense breast tissue than others, which make it tougher to identify cancerous cells in the breast. For most women, breasts become less dense with age; however, in some the case is reverse. 

Radiologists can read x-rays like mammograms and check your mammogram for abnormal tissues and look at breast density. Your doctor can tell you if your mammogram exhibits that, you have dense breasts and what to do next. This conditions is little tricky because women who have dense breasts have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer. However, it must also be noted that it’s still unclear how dense breast tissue is linked to breast cancer risk.


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