Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

It is no secret that breasts are part of female identity; hence, it is important to protect them and keep them in healthy condition. However, today, having breast cancer is the biggest fear for women. It is more dangerous than cardiac arrest. It is quite fearful because women die from it, which is quite alarming.

Learn all about dense breasts

However, one of the best ways to protect women is to learn all about dense breasts. According to some doctors, when women have dense tissues, it is essential to choose a screening method because dense breast can makes it harder to detect cancer. Doctors suggest mammogram because it is the best method to detect dense breasts.

Dense breasts increase your cancer risk

It is also important to note that dense breasts increase your cancer risk up to 6 times higher, which is the biggest matter of concern. Experts know that it is a subjective topic. Hence, it is important to plan a flexible exercise regimen. Exercise can help to protect against breast cancer in many ways.

Exercise can helps to control weight

Exercise can helps to control weight. Weight control is a great way to prevent the condition of breast cancer. According to a report, it is important to stop being overweight and control your diet. You should also take balanced diet, fresh fruits, juices and vegetables to control fats in the body. You should also develop an exercise regimen to get in shape. It will also help you to reduce the risk of cancer.

You should also find ways to reward yourself because it will make you feel good. It will keep you motivated to stay on the track and of course, aware.


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