How can you identify the symptoms of Breast Cancer in the very beginning

Dense breast tissue enhances the risk of breast cancer nearly many times. Women whose mammograms confirmed over a 65% dense tissue developed breast cancer in comparison to women with densities of less than 5 %.

Dense breast tissue is at any rate as significant as family history in determining a woman’s risk for cancer. Women with family record of breast cancer are at much greater risk. Besides having dense breast tissue, if the women accidently falls into one of the following high risk categories should make sure and get regular mammograms:

  1. If she has given birth to her first child after the age of 30.
  2. If she has never given birth.
  3. If she has a family history i.e. if her mother or sister has suffered the problem in the past.
  4. It can be case where she has reached sexual maturity very soon.
  5. She may suffer the problem if she has a history of cyst in the breasts.
  6. Obesity is a problem which is like an invitation to multiple health problems. Thus, if you are overweight, you may suffer the consequences.
  7. If she is older than 40 years.

Much like other cancer problems, early detection of the disease is very essential for the patient’s survival, particularly if she is at high risk. Having regular mammograms and medical checkups of the breast every month can be a lot helpful.



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