What You Need To Know About Dense Breasts and Its Causes

Cancer has become one of the most leading illness in present time, and breast cancer is one of most common type of cancer which is found in women of old age. One of the leading cause of this cancer is due to change in the lifestyle of people.

There are many causes of breast cancer like it is genetic, if you have a family history of this disease, then there are higher risks of getting effected by the breast cancer. The other physical factors like the height, body shape, breast size, and mammographic density of breast also play some roles in this cancer risk. Out of all these physical factors, density of breast plays an important role in determining a woman’s risk for cancer and it should be diagnosed at an early stage for a better prevention.

The density of breast tissues are all depended on the hormonal changes which are secreted in a women body. Estrogen is a hormone, which has numerous different functions consist of assisting you in growing dense breast. Higher percentage of this estrogen hormone in the body may leads to possible three things which includes denser breasts, stronger bones, and a higher risk of breast cancer.

If you are having denser breasts, then your doctor will probably advise you to get an ultrasound or mammogram test, to check out the risks of breast cancer. These dense breasts are a results of epithelial tissues in your breast, which are pure white in form. And these tissues combine to make a breast lump in the breast which should be diagnosed at an early stage or else it leads to cancer.

Here are some very important things which every must do to lower their risk of suffering from breast cancer:

  • Regularly perform self-breast exams
  • Get aware of any family member having a history of breast cancer
  • Study your menstrual and reproductive history
  • Schedule annual mammograms to examine the breast tissues
  • Exercise regularly in the morning
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Have Nutritional diet



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