Calculate the Risk of Breast Cancer with Tyrer Cuzick

Breast cancer is a disease which requires early detection and prevention. And in order to find out the risk of increased screening opportunities and disease prevention strategies, a risk calculator tool Tyrer Cuzick is used.

Tyrer Cuzick tool is a risk prediction model which is used to find out the risk factor of breast cancer in a women. For a women with a family history, genetic factors or proliferative disease, are having high risks of the breast cancer in their body. Whereas the women with dense breast tissues does not attain such higher risks of this cancer.

For those women who are most at risk, early detection and prevention is most effective. The Tyrer Cuzick model is used to evaluate this risk but is not useful to find out the density of breast in risk calculator. The risk of developing breast cancer increases in woman but her lifetime risk decreases with age. Other than age, the presence of substantial family history of breast cancer is probably the most important risk factor for the development of this disease.

After examining the risk factor of cancer in your breast with tyrer cuzick, the most prior thing which a women should perform is a mammography screening and also to lower the risk, you should get regular exercises which your doctor advise you. Be aware of the changes in your breast, get clinical breast exams and mammograms, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Become your own advocate by doing research and staying informed. You can’t know your medical future but you can do something about it.



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