Breast Ultrasound: Saving Lives from Breast Cancer

Are you aware of Breast Cancer and how to deal with this succumb disease? If not then save yourself from getting effected by this deadly disease which is most common in the women. About one in eight women get suffered from this cancer every year, and the risk of getting this cancer becomes higher for women who are fifty years old and above.

The most advanced way to reduce the risk of this breast cancer is to get a test of breast ultrasound at an initial stage of cancer only. If you have a family history of breast, ovarian, uterine or ovarian cancer, then the chances of having breast cancer in your body are higher. And to examine it an early stage visit a well skilled doctor who is specialized in this field of breast cancer. The first most initial thing which a doctor usually advise for these symptoms is an ultrasound of your breast.

In an ultrasound they use a transducer which moves around the breast during the test, to examine the breast tissues present in it. If the percentage of epithelial tissues comes out more than the fatty tissues, then there are higher risks of getting breast cancer.

These epithelial tissues are the dense tissues which are in solid white form, whereas the non-dense tissues appear dark in an ultrasound. After the test, collect the report from the radiologist and get it checked by your doctor. If you will find the presence of breast cancer in your body then regular doctor check-ups, regular exercise and nutritional diet are some of the best ways to get prevention from this cancer.

For every disease there is a prevention, but the earlier you will diagnose this cancer with an ultrasound, the better treatment you can have to save your life.



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