Breast MRI: Beast Way of Screening Breast Cancer

Every year about 6 million people who suffer from cancer will die from their illness including women who have been diagnosed with suffering from breast cancer. One of the main reasons why this percentage of people suffering from breast cancer increases every year is because of not detecting them in an earlier manner.

Many women are not knowing that there are different advanced technologies of screening available now for the screening of breast cancer. Some of them think that regular doctor check-ups and ultrasound is the only way. But, these are not only the ways of detecting breast cancer. With the advancements in the technology, mammogram and breast MRI are very effective in detecting earlier cancer stage.

Breast MRI is a screening technique which is used in screening women who have strong genetic loading of breast cancer in the family and also those who have breast surgeries or implants. Breast MRI screening works as radio waves and magnets on the breasts and on a computer it scan the images at different angles. This method is very effective in detecting breast tissues that are abnormally active. It is utilized along with mammography for women with dense breasts as well and those who are at high risk.
MRI is so helpful for staging breast cancer, ascertaining the most suitable treatment and for patient follow-up following breast cancer treatment. This technique is much advanced than the mammography, as it even could identify tumors in dense breast tissue. Before opting for this screening, you should check with your plastic surgeon about how often he or she recommends you have an MRI scan.



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